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Best paella in Barcelona in a unique environment!



Paella Bar Boquería

Our specialty is rice and paellas. Seafood, Valencian, vegetarian, black rice ... Choose the one you like! Placed in the same Mercat de la Boqueria, the most emblematic of Barcelona, ​​we also offer market cuisine: our very best squid with black onion and iberic ham, the croquettes of duck with lobster or a simple fresh razor clames on the grill! 

Possibility of exclusivity of the premises for groups and outside the opening hours.




Calling us  933 487 783

Writing an  

From 1st of january until 31st of march
Monday to saturday: 12 to 17 h
Sunday: closed
From 1st of april until 31st of december
Monday to saturday: 12 to 22 h
Sunday closed

We offer the possibility to taste our market cuisine in a unique environment. We also offer a private room for groups, as well as the exclusivity of the premises for private parties or outside the opening hours.

Our rices and paellas        

Boqueria Paella · Pork rib, cuttlefish, vegetables and mushrooms
19,75 €
Barceloneta Paella · Fish and sellfish
22,00 €
Paella with prawns
21,90 €
Catalan Paella · Mixture of sellfish, chicken and sausage
19,90 €
Black rice with aioli
19,50 €
Tourist Paella · Lobster and chorizo
22,00 €
Vegetarian Paella · Onion, pepper, green benn and 'garrofó'
18,50 €
Valencian Paella · Chicken, rabbit, 'garrofó' and fresh green beans
19,25 €
Fideuà (noodles) with prawns
20,90 €


Catalan bread with tomato and olive oil
2,75 €
Head lettuce, tuna, spring onion, pepper and olives salad
10,00 €
Spicy potatoes in a mortar
6,75 €
Spinach fritters with honey aioli
5,95 €
A glass of homemade gazpacho
3,50 €
Roasted aubergine with goat cheese, hazelnut and cane honey
9,85 €
Lobster and duck croquettes
9,75 €
Pimientos del Padrón (small green peppers)
7,50 €
Andalusian-style fried squid rings
15,50 €
Chargrilled fresh octopus
19,50 €
Iberian shoulder ham
14,90 €
A pretty yummy squid with onion confit and Iberian ham
19,00 €
Mussels in cocotte
10,00 €
Boqueria sellfish (steamed or grilled)
18,00 €
Boqueria fish fry up
16,00 €
La Pepaburguer with french fries
10,95 €
Spit roasted chicken with potatoes and herbs
12,00 €

Eggs and omelettes        

Fried eggs with fries and chorizo
8,75 €
Fried eggs with potatoes and iberian acorn ham
9,90 €
Fried eggs with fries and rice sausage
8,75 €
Spanish omelette
8,00 €
Potato and prawn omelette
10,50 €
Chorizo and potatoe omelette
8,75 €

Fish and seafood        

Prawns grilled or with garlic sauce
19,00 €
Grilled Cockles
16,00 €
Grilled langoustines
19,00 €
Grilled lobster
28,00 €
Boqueria seafood platter
30,00 €
Gilthead, baked or grilled
22,00 €
Sea bar, baked or grilled
22,00 €
Salt cod filet ‘a la llauna’
21,00 €


Catalan custard
5,50 €
Homemade tiramisu
5,75 €
Cake of the day
5,25 €
Almond biscuit with whipped cream, custard cream and strawbewrries
5,90 €


Do you want to have a lunch with friends or family? Look at our group menus and ask for our private room.