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Barcelona cuisine to share and enjoy



Pepa Tomate Parlament




Calling us  938 325 804

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Monday to thursday: 13 to 24
Friday, saturday and sunday: 12 to 24 h


Black and green marinated olives
3,75 €
Chips with aioli mortar
4,95 €
Gracia's russian salad (vegetables, tuna, egg and mayonnaise)
6,90 €
Our bravas (spicy potatoes in a mortar)
5,75 €
Fried pork snout, hot and crunchy
6,50 €
Andalusian-style fried squid rings
11,90 €
Iberian cured ham homemade croquettes (price per unit)
2,20 €


Fried eggs with potatoes and iberian acorn ham
10,50 €
Marinated salmón tataki with guacamole, sesame and soya sauce
10,90 €
Cochinita pibil taco (price per unit)
4,75 €
Hot sandwich with mozzarella, rocket, pesto and shaved iberian ham
10,75 €
Red hummus with orange, radishes, pomegranate, toasted almonds and lemon vinaigrette
9,60 €
Pepa Burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, melted cheese and French fries
11,50 €
Steak tartar roll
6,80 €
Picanha carpaccio with chimichurri emulsion
10,75 €


Spinach fritters with honey aioli
6,90 €
Green asparagus with romesco sauce and parmesan shavings
12,50 €
Quinoa, lentil, sun-dried tomato, sweet onion, avocado, mâche, almond and sesame salad
9,65 €
Artichocke flowers from El Prat
9,75 €
Tempura battered spring onions with our romesco sauce
7,90 €
Rosemary roasted Jerusalem artichockes (topinambur) with shaved iberian ham and garlic confit
8,85 €

Fork and knife        

Knife-cut steak tartare with Dijon mustard ice cream
11,25 €
Open-faced Padrón green pepper, spring garlic and salt cod omelette
10,60 €
Red shrimp rice
15,70 €
Meatballs with soffritto sauce and parmentier
9,85 €
Baked cod with apple aioli sauce, potato and crispy kale
14,20 €
Roasted chicken cannelloni with bechamel sauce
8,90 €
Cuttlefish fideuà with our aioli sauce
14,50 €

Sweet Pepa        

Our tiramisú (with crunchy almond biscotti)
5,60 €
Creamy cheesecake
5,80 €
Belgian chocolate coulant
6,25 €
Lemon meringue pie
5,75 €
Caramelized brioche French toast with cinnamon ice cream
5,90 €
Artesan italian ice creams Turin (2 scoops)
5,50 €

Paella Menu

Available Monday to Sunday, lunch and dinner. Mínimum 2 people