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Barcelona cuisine cooked as a tapa!


Pepa Tomate Gràcia

Fresh informal and up to date… Pepa Tomate has on offer, tapas, dishes and tastes of traditional Catalan and Barcelona cuisine with an originality that comes from Pau Corderas, the young chef. 

All the food on offer is made from fresh ingredients many bought in the nearby Mercat de L’Abaceria Central.The colour red is predominant in the restaurant in both the furniture and the decoration, including some shelves where you can find tomato preserves from many different places. 

The maximum capacity of the restaurant is for 94 people inside and 28 on the terrace. Open all year round.


Calling us  932 104 698

Writing an  

SCHEDULEMonday: 20 to 24 h
From tuesday to friday: 09 to 24 h
Saturday: 10
to 24 h
Sunday: 11
to 24 h

Traditional long-standing tapas        

Marinated gazpacha olives and black olives
2,75 €
Perelló stuffed olives
2,80 €
Potato crisps and mortar-made garlic aioli sauce
4,50 €
Cantabrian anchovies and tomato-rubbed bread (4 units)
9,50 €
Perelló marinated anchovies
5,00 €
Canned cockles from Galician rias
9,75 €
Canned pickled mussels from the Galician rias
5,00 €
Riera Ordeix cured sausage and tomato-rubbed bread
4,75 €
Teruel cured beef and ham croquettes
8,75 €
Cheese board
10,00 €
Iberian acorn shoulder ham
10,00 €

Our irresistible classic dishes        

Gracia's russian salad (vegetables, tuna, egg and mayonnaise)
6,65 €
Fried iberian pork snout
5,90 €
Spicy potatoes in a mortar
6,75 €
Fried green tomatos (with camembert cheese and tomato marmalade)
8,65 €
Spinach fritters with honey aioli
5,95 €
Mushroom croquettes
8,75 €
Pepeta's octopus (with potatoes and allioli)
16,90 €
Andalusian-style fried squid rings
8,70 €
Fried eggs with potatoes and iberian acorn ham
8,95 €
Pepa Burguer (with French fries)
10,95 €
Grilled brioche with homemade chorizo sausage and Idiazabal
7,95 €

To pick up with your fingers        

Duck aiguillettes, sherry emulsion and gravy oil with flatbread
8,35 €
El Capricho mini cake (beef tartare sandwich)
6,50 €
Mr. Fabra-style cod fritters
9,75 €
Chipotle, guacamole and organic beef quesadilla (1 unit)
4,85 €
Pil-pil pizza (with Barcelona-style cod) (1 unit)
4,75 €
Fried anchovies with spices, citrus and tomato sauce
8,50 €
Hot sandwich with mozzarella, rocket, pesto and shaved iberian ham
10,50 €
Tandoori lamb taco
5,85 €

Pepa's garden        

Crudités of zucchini, sundried tomato, parmesan cheese and truffed oil
7,25 €
Mustard ice cream, tomato and oil soup
9,25 €
Yuzu, oregano and carrot gazpacho
5,75 €
Locally sourced fresh vegetables with liquefied vinaigrette
5,95 €
Wok-fried summer vegetables, pineapple, harvested mushrooms and rice noodles
9,95 €
Warm salad of fresh pasta, tomatoes, pine nuts, capers, black garlic and parmesan
7,80 €

Main dish festival        

Catalan-style marinated octopus
15,80 €
Marinated chicken Milanese with Indian mango pickle and green curry
8,50 €
A pretty yummy squid
10,75 €
Free-range chicken confit and prawns with garlic sauce
12,00 €
Delta Chinatown razor clams (ginger, coriander and oyster sauce)
11,75 €
Fresh fish from La Boqueria market
14,50 €
American Route 66 pork ribs
10,25 €
Paella D.O. from Les Fontades de Gràcia (meat, fish, vegetables and mushrooms)
16,50 €

Sweet Pepa        

Creamy cocoa and chili tartufo Pepa Magnum
6,00 €
Mojito bite (battered mojito sorbet with lime, mint and kefir)
4,90 €
'Large egg' with sable potatoes (classic panna cotta, passion fruit yolk and sable biscuit)
6,25 €
Pepa Tomatos ( strawberry and cream puffs with chocolate crumble)
6,00 €
Cake from the Island of Capri (light sponge cake, candied pear and creamy yogurt)
5,90 €
Homemade tiramisu
5,90 €
Floral gem (mini vegan coriander, lime and strawberry cake)
6,25 €


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