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Barcelona cuisine cooked as a tapa!



Pepa Tomate Gràcia

Fresh informal and up to date… Pepa Tomate has on offer, tapas, dishes and tastes of traditional Catalan and Barcelona cuisine. All the food on offer is made from fresh ingredients many bought in the nearby Mercat de L’Abaceria Central.The colour red is predominant in the restaurant in both the furniture and the decoration, including some shelves where you can find tomato preserves from many different places. 

The maximum capacity of the restaurant is for 49 people inside and 28 on the terrace. Open all year round.




Calling us  932 104 698

Writing an  

From 1st of january till 31st of mayMonday to thursday: 9 to 23.30 h
Friday: 9 to 24 h
Saturday: 10
to 24 h
Sunday: 11
to 23.30 h
From 1st of june till 31st of december 
Monday to friday: 9 to 24 h
Saturday: 10 to 24 h
Sunday: 11 to 24 h

Traditional long-standing tapas        

Marinated gazpacha olives and black olives
2,75 €
Perelló stuffed olives
2,80 €
Potato crisps and mortar-made garlic aioli sauce
4,50 €
Spinach fritters with honey aioli
5,95 €
Spicy potatoes in a Mortar
5,75 €
Russian salad (vegetables, tuna, egg and mayonnaise)
6,75 €
Hot sandwich with mozzarella, rocket, pesto and shaved iberian ham
10,50 €
Our croquettes (price per unit)
2,00 €
Tomato-rubbed bread with extra virgin olive oil
2,50 €

Our menú        

Spinach fritters with honey aioli
5,95 €
Crudités of zucchini, sundried tomato, parmesan cheese and truffed oil
7,85 €
Spicy potatoes in a mortar
5,75 €
Gracia's russian salad (vegetables, tuna, egg and mayonnaise)
6,75 €
8,50 €
Our croquettes (price per unit)
2,00 €
Extra artichokes from El Prat
9,25 €
Roasted vegetables tartar
7,60 €
Salad with goat cheese, onions and nuts
8,50 €
Hot sandwich with mozzarella, rocket, pesto and shaved iberian ham
10,50 €
Pumpkin hummus with pomegranate and goat cheese
7,80 €
Pepa Burger with lettuce, melted cheese and French fries
10,95 €
Fried green tomatos (with camembert cheese and tomato marmalade)
8,90 €
Steak tartare and potato crisps
10,90 €
Pork and vegetables gyozas with tonkotsu sauce
6,10 €
Andalusian-style fried fresh squid rings
9,90 €
Meatballs with soffritto sauce and potatoes
8,85 €
Roasted chicken wings with honey and soya sauce
7,90 €
Milanese steak with cheese, mushrooms and truffle sauce
12,50 €
Paella with prawns and mussels
15,50 €
Fried eggs with potatoes and iberian acorn ham
8,95 €
8,60 €
Marinated salmón tataki with guacamole, sesame and soya sauce
10,90 €
Cuttlefish fideuà with our aioli sauce
12,80 €

Sweet Pepa        

Our cheese cake
5,00 €
Homemade tiramisu
5,50 €
Catalan cream with milk caramel
4,95 €
Chocolate brownie with hazelnut ice cream
5,25 €
Dessert of the day
5,25 €
Artesan italian ice creams Turin (2 scoops)
5,30 €


Do you want to organize a dinner with friends or family? Look at our group menus.